We've got some big news for you.

Announcement updated on 26th August, 2021.

Hi Xpose Community,

We have just released the new tokenomics for Xpose Protocol and we are excited to explain how this affects the community moving forward, and more importantly, how this affects YOU – our early adopters.

We needed to restructure and develop a new technical approach to allow the Xpose community to execute the great utilities that you may have seen in the Litepaper that we released recently. Additionally, we had to refine some of the features of the XPOSE Token Smart Contract to ensure its feasibility within a utility driven ecosystem. Hence, we are going to be replacing the XPOSE token with the brand new, super-improved XPS token. 

Xpose truly values its community and we have made sure that our early supporters are well compensated for their loyalty. This means that anyone who holds XPOSE will soon be able to swap their XPOSE tokens for the new XPS tokens.

To make this transition process run seamlessly, we have created the following process:

  • Xpose will be releasing its pre-sale and swapping Dashboard on 5th July, 2021.
  • All current XPOSE holders will be able to swap XPOSE tokens for XPS tokens through the Xpose Pre-sale Dashboard from rom 5th August, 2021 to 27th August, 2021.
  • We have set the swapping rate in such a way that the value you receive as an XPOSE holder will be 3 times higher (price reference 27th June) when you get the new XPS tokens. For example, if you SWAP 100,000,000 XPOSE (worth $1,330 based on the price 27th June) to the new XPS token, then you will receive 1,314,122 XPS (worth $3,942). This value is based on the opening price of $0.0030 on 15th August. This is not a guaranteed return on investment, due the fact that the token will be freely tradable from the 18th of August.
  • For all the XPOSE tokens held in your wallet before 18:00 CET on 28th June, 2021, you will be rewarded an additional bonus of 12% on the tokens that you hold. In the example above, this is already included.
  • All XPOSE tokens that are moved after 18:00 CET on 28th June, 2021, will not be eligible for the additional bonus of 12%. This includes transferring it between your own wallets.
  • All wallets with more than 1,000,000,000 XPOSE tokens will come under a special agreement that is designed to serve the interests of the overall Xpose community. The XPS tokens received in exchange for each XPOSE token above the 1,000,000,000 mark will remain vested for 6 months, after which the holder will start receiving 10% of the locked XPS tokens at the end of each subsequent month. All XPS token received in exchange for XPOSE tokens below the 1 billion mark will NOT be vested.
  • From 26th August, 2021 onwards, anyone who is eligible to receive XPS tokens after the Pre-sale and the Swap will get their XPS tokens in the wallet address that they provided. Additionally, the XPS token will also become tradeable on Pancake Swap.

To protect our long-term Xpose holders we have decided that any Xpose Token purchased after 21st of July (12:00 PM CET) will not be eligible to participate in the Xpose to XPS swap at the price we have locked in on June 27th.

All the tokens that are purchased after 21st of July (12:00 PM CET) will be exchanged for the value of the old currency at that time. So, if you have a value of $500 you will get back the same value in XPS Tokens.

If you purchased Tokens before and after 21st of July (12:00 PM CET) only the Tokens before this date and time will participate in the fixed price of June 27. The Tokens you purchased after this time and date will be swapped at the current exchange rate at that time.

The Xpose team believes in the future potential of the Xpose Community to generate a significant impact in the blockchain and global marketing space. We have taken these big steps to secure the future of our project and ensure sustainability, growth, and profitability for our community.

We thank you for your support and we hope to see our relationship continue to grow stronger. 

Find out more about the token swap process.

XPOSE to XPS calculator

Find out how many XPS tokens you will receive after the swap by simply entering the number of XPOSE tokens you currently hold.

The results are only valid for users that have purchased XPOSE tokens prior to 12:00 PM CET on 21st July, 2021